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Bad weather? No problem:)

Whether it's too windy, rainy, snowy, or too sunny (hot road for dogs' paws), here comes the PawPaw’s dog treadmill to let your dogs exercise and burst their energy out indoors. Suitable for pets up to 220 lb. Now, exercise your dog indoors to eliminate some issues from walking your dog at dawn, late at night, or on a busy street. 

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Bad Weather Worry Free & Safety

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Every purchase creates change.

Dogs deserve the best and we're here to help their humans provide that. As a way to make a difference to all pups far and wide, we donate 1% of every sale to a trusted animal shelter. 

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Voices from pup owners

A great gift for my pup, feel he loves this more than going outside.

Emily Avery

I’ve purchased an electric treadmill before, but in my opinion, the non-electric one is much better when considering its safety.

Ben Morris

I really recommend this PawPaw’s dog treadmill, it ensures my dog keeps daily exercise and loses weight which our family worried about before.

Mary Ellison

As a large dog owner, it’s kind of difficult for me, a small size woman to walk my dog on the street. Now I found a better way for me and for my baby.

Valerie Carter

I’m back in the office every week now. When I drive back home it’s usually already 7 pm, I sometimes feel tired and don’t have enough energy to walk with my dog. This treadmill solved my problem.

Peter Cooper

For a person that lives in Seattle, rainy days are normal...Now I don’t have to worry about my energetic dog’s workout anymore!